Why Seafood?

We chose to mainly serve seafood on our food truck not just because there aren’t many seafood food trucks out there, but also because of the health benefits. In case you didn’t know, fish is a “high-protein, low-fat food” that provides a good source of omega-3s – a fatty acid good for a whole slew of things, including cardiovascular health. You can read a bullet-pointed list from Environment Defense Fund’s Seafood Selector here.

And no, mercury really isn’t as big of a deal as people fear. You can read an article on that issue from our food purveyor Fortune Fish here, but for those who can’t follow the link, the takeaway is this: “Americans should only be concerned they are not eating enough seafood instead of worrying about mercury”. AKA do you know how many other cultures have diets that heavily rely on seafood, even with extremely low related deaths?

But we don’t just mean that seafood is beneficial for your physical health. The sustainability of properly harvested and locally-sourced seafood is environmentally-friendly and promotes replenishment of our oceans. Sustainable aquaculture and fishing is key to a long-lasting food supply, which in turn makes waves for economies from a local to global scale and for social structures. (source)

Choosing sustainable, local seafood impacts your personal health, your local economy,  and your community, and it doesn’t stop there. Sustainable seafood replenishes our oceans, which benefits other countries’ economies, too, and the overall health of our planet. That means future generations can have access to a more reliable and environmentally-friendly food source that also promotes positive economic development. As the Fortune Fish website points out, sustainable seafood is an investment in our future. (source)

So why seafood, you ask? Because it’s all about good stewardship. Of our bodies, our communities, our economies, our earth, and our future.

Oh…and I guess it’s also somewhat about how delicious it is. 😉



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