Best Side Dish Award – Mushroom Risotto

We revealed our Best Snack to be Olives yesterday, and today we continue with Best Side Dish. This one took a little more debate as we stumbled through the criteria for what makes a side dish 1) a side dish and 2) delicious.

Why Mushroom Risotto?

Despite how fancy it sounds, risotto is actually relatively simple: rice, onions, mushrooms, tons of cheese, some stock of choice, and spices. This lends a lot of versatility to this side dish, making it the perfect sidekick to a variety of meals. (Example: we made mushroom risotto for Thanksgiving, which had all the usual casseroles, and the only serving bowl without leftovers was the risotto. Clear winner.)

Traditional risotto requires a lot of attention and time to properly make, but the creamy, cheesy, toasted rice that melts in your mouth is every bit of rewarding as it needs to be. And the best part is if you don’t have the time to make it from scratch, store-bought mixes can be dressed to impress with ease – and will probably let you leave the kitchen to snack on your olives.

I can’t list off reasons why mushroom risotto is good for your skin or how it will help prevent cancer, but I can rave that, dairy troubles aside, cheesey rice will make your tummy extremely happy. And at the end of the day, isn’t that what matters most?

How to enjoy:

This “grown-up” menu item makes a great accessory for seared scallops, roasted chicken (Chef Alex’s favorite), or pot roast. And for the kid in all of us, add extra cheese and bake off some fish sticks…Or just fill up a big ol’ bowl of mushroom risotto and no one’s the wiser. Why does dinner always have to be fancy?

Cold leftover mushroom risotto is also a fantastic! (Eat it in your pajamas for an easy Saturday morning…)

A Note from Chef Alex:

Curl up with your big ol’ bowl of risotto and your pet turtle (or whatever you have) to watch Mad Max: Fury Road, which he claims is the best of the Mad Max movies – and instead of asking which award it should win, we’re asking which one was it NOT nominated for!? This flick is truly BA, and if you haven’t seen it, you’ll be very confused watching the Oscars on Sunday.

(Though I haven’t seen hardly any movies, I seem to get by all right…)

Source of Awesomeness:

Photo Credit and Recipe for Mushroom Risotto by Gimme Some Oven


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