Center City Kitchen

Watch Toi’s Segment featuring Seafood Driven & Seafoam Candy Co Now! ⇒

So Alex and I are Seafood Driven, which started as a New England-style “seafood shack” food cart in Ann Arbor, and we enjoyed the food cart season so much we didn’t want it to end. We shopped around for a way to flex our food cart muscles, found ourselves at The Little Fleet here in Traverse City, and we fell in love with the community. We have been welcomed with open arms, especially by Ryan and Meagan Wells of Center City Kitchen. They are the nicest people we’ve ever met – in addition to being well-respected small business owners.

Actually, their support and enthusiasm for small businesses is part of why we wanted to start soup production here with Center City. Finding a commissary kitchen as a springboard for your business is a personal process. We may not be business partners with Ryan and Meagan, but our businesses are absolutely dependent upon each other’s successes.

To that effect, Seafoam Candy Company, our new best friends with addictive chocolate treats – it’s very dangerous to share a kitchen with them – but their passion and growth speaks as loudly to their delicious family recipes as it does to the support of Ryan and Meagan, and the rest of the community here in Traverse City. Here, we have a business family – and while we are confident in our clam chowder, having a space like Center City Kitchen is the backbone of long-term success and growth.

Our vision for Seafood Driven is to create a conversation centered on nostalgia. Eating lobster rolls in Maine with your sweetheart, growing up with a little seafood shack on the dock, passing smoked whitefish salad at the dinner table during the holidays – eating is communal, and seafood is healthy and sustainable. Combining the two is a happy, passionate relationship.

If you are interested in preparing, producing, or packaging, Center City Kitchen is the way to go in Traverse City. Contact Ryan Wells today or get a jumpstart on filling out a rental application.

Watch Toi’s Segment featuring Seafood Driven & Seafoam Candy Co now! ⇒


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