Winter Happenings

Bring it, 2017

Well. It’s 2017. Know what that means? Soup retail finally hits stores. Right now, we’re finishing up the licensing process and other details, but stay tuned for the official announcement…

In the meantime, if you’re in the Traverse City area, taste a sneak peek at our Clam Chowder at The Workshop Brewing Company. Chef Alex is now the Head Chef and Kitchen Manager at the up-and-coming brewery in the Warehouse District, and he’s bringing  Seafood Driven along for the ride.img_20161231_150339

For other cool Seafood Driven updates, we have been on live TV with Toi Creel and in the local business news (TCBN). Record Eagle also visited Center City Kitchen to showcase all the fun happenings there, and Allison scored an interview, too! You can read all about it here. Support local journalism and shop small business here in Traverse City!

You can also sport your own SD shirt! Join the crew today, and check out our awesome hand-printed tees.

In the meantime, feel free to connect with us. We love to talk – about food, about sources, about recipes, anything!


From Allison and Alex of Seafood Driven


Connect with us for updates about our whereabouts and special events!

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